Radel has designed and developed a wide variety of products completely in-house, meeting the functional and performance requirements specified by its customers. Some of them are described below.

Airborne Units


Radel has developed a fully solid-state version of the Distributor of the Matra Rocket Pod used on fighter aircraft of the IAF. This is a Form, Fit and Function equivalent of an electro-mechanical Distributor used by the OEM. The Distributor controls the firing of multiple rockets in the pod either in single or salvo selections. The unit is capable of accepting trigger signals from a weapons computer of the aircraft. This unit has successfully undergone qualification tests as per MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E, and is under serial production.

Auto Selector-4-way

This is a fully solid-state version of the relay based OEM unit used on Practice Bomb carriers used on fighter aircraft of the IAF and controls the individual release of 4 bombs through firing of the ERUs. The operation of the unit has been successfully qualified.

Speed Switch

This LRU is used on the Dornier-228 aircraft and forms part of the engine starting sequence controller. Radel has indigenized the unit using a state of the art microcontroller to yield a Form, Fit and Function equivalent unit to the OEM part. The operation of the indigenized unit has been successfully tested on the test bench.

Voice Warning System

Radel has developed an indigenous Voice Warning System for use on aircraft. The microcontroller based system generates pre-recorded voice messages on receipt of corresponding discrete failure triggers from transducers on the aircraft. The unit is capable of being tailored to suit a variety of aircraft.

Edge Lighting Panel

Radel has indigenously developed an edge lit display panel forming part of a Cockpit Control Unit fitted in an IAF aircraft. The panel provides an illuminated front panel for identification of various controls on the Control Unit. Radel has developed the panel using LEDs to provide a Form, Fit and Function equivalent of the OEM panel. The panel has been qualified to airworthy requirements.

Repair of electronic modules and LRUs

Radel possesses the expertise to provide optimal cost solutions to obsolescence issues by either finding suitable replacements for discrete devices or a redesign of a part of the LRU. This has been demonstrated in the repairs of airborne electronic modules used on the engines of the Jaguar aircraft, resulting in considerable cost savings in maintenance.

High Voltage Power Supply

Indigenous high voltage module designed and developed for the Indian Navy. It generates 18 KV and 4 KV DC supplies for CRT display on the the Seaking Helicopter.

Subcontract Manufacture of Generator Control Protection Unit

Radel undertakes production orders under subcontract from various clients. Radel executed serial production of the GCPU of the ALH Dhruv Helicopters on a sub-contract order from HAL.

Installation Design

Radel undertook outsourced design projects from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. for the installation of LRUs and other equipment on the Light Combat Aircraft and the Advanced Light Helicopter. The projects, executed using CATIA V5 and AutoCAD, involved design of secondary structure and integration with the primary structure of the aircraft.

Ground Equipment & Test Jigs

Electronic Frequency Synthesizer Unit

This unit is a sub-assembly of a communication transceiver operating in the HF band. The unit provides local oscillator signals in the frequency range of 2 – 30 MHz. Radel has developed this unit as a modern replacement for an earlier obsolete version and uses state of the art DDS IC technology. The unit has been tested and proven and is in serial production for the IAF.

Intercom Test Jig for Dhruv helicopters

This test jig is used for performing functional checks of all LRUs of the Intercom system of the ALH Dhruv helicopters. Several of these have been manufactured and supplied to HAL for use as ‘O’ level test jigs in the maintenance bays of ALH.

RMI Test Jig for Dhruv helicopters

This test jig tests the Radio Magnetic Indicator used in the ALH Dhruv helicopters using electronically synthesized synchro signals generated by a microcontroller based circuit developed at Radel. Several of these have been manufactured and supplied to HAL for use as ‘O’ level test jigs in the maintenance bays of ALH.

Vertical Gyro Test Bench (VGTB)

The VGTB was fully designed and developed in-house by Radel for laboratory functional tests on the Vertical Gyro Unit used on the ALH Dhruv helicopters. Multiple units have been manufactured and delivered to HAL for use in the operating bases of the ALH.

Fuel Flowmeter Test Jig for the Su-30 aircraft

This Test Jig is used to check the performance of all the LRUs of the Fuel Flow system of the Su-30 fighter aircraft of the IAF. It simulates the signals of the fuel flow transducer on the aircraft. It has been indigenised, manufactured and delivered to the IAF.

Universal Invertor Test Rig (UITR)

The UITR was manufactured and delivered to HAL for functional testing of the aircraft invertors produced by them.

ATE for electronic modules of a Naval Armament system

This LabVIEW based ATE performs functional tests on a set of 16 electronic modules consisting of microprocessors, Op. Amps and discrete devices. The ATE also has diagnostics software built into it to localise faults in different parts of the board under test.

Reverse Engineering of PCBs

Radel undertook redesign and development of multilayer PCBs for microprocessor and mixed signal applications of a defense system. The boards were designed with 4 to 16 layers keeping signal integrity and EMI/EMC issues in view.

Wire Harness manufacture

Radel manufactured and supplied wire harnesses forming part of its Test Equipment to esteemed customers such as HAL as well as MBDA, France.

Test Jig for simulation studies

A Test Jig was designed for an educational institution carrying out research in the introduction of revolutionary techniques in an I.C. engine. The design was conceptualised using CATIA v5.

Anti Collision Light

For all aircraft, designed and manufactured for the IAF, successfully qualified.

TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) warning panel

Designed, successfully qualified and manufactured for the AN-32 aircraft of IAF.

TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System) Relay box

Designed, successfully qualified and manufactured for the AN-32 aircraft of IAF.

Frequency synthesiser 2GHz

Designed and manufactured for the MiG-29 aircraft of IAF, under qualification testing.